Thursday, July 23, 2009

Conference Frenzy

This week we all seem to be talking about conference and our experiences there. I didn't have the excitement that Angel experienced or the lunches/coffees/dinners that PC had scheduled. Nor did I know someone in ever single room like PM (seriously, she even knew the woman who walked onto the elevator with us) or have concrete goals as SP did. I went into this conference a little aimless. I knew that I'd enjoy seeing DC as I'd never gotten the chance to visit before. And I was right. Seeing the capital, the memorials and monuments, the Declaration of Independence, Smithsonian and the National Zoo were all amazing. But once those things were over I had no real direction. It turns out I was pretty busy. I didn't even manage to have a single drink in the bar. Conference sacrilege!

Despite being completely and totally unprepared - read no schedules, no lists, I didn't even look at the workshops before we left - I managed to come home energized and excited. I have a set of goals and a direction I didn't have before I left. I attended several workshops that excited me and started the creative juices flowing. I didn't even mind that I missed all of the publisher book signings. I might not have a pile of books but I came home with something greater. Since I've been home I've experienced what we've loving termed conference crash but despite that I've also managed to write 35 pages in three days.

When all is said and done it was a great conference. Getting to see Harry Potter with several Blaze Babes and my phenomenal editor, participating in the literacy autographing, having breakfast with Barbara Vey, attending the Blaze lunch and the Harlequin Party were all fantastic. But the highlight had to have been watching Angel as she experienced all of the excitement of being a Golden Heart finalist. Sitting next to her as her name and picture flashed up on that screen...I was so proud of her.

I might have to start all conferences this way from now on. Yeah, that sound is the other Playfriends groaning in protest. They were the ones who had to deal with my lack of preparations. Good friends are worth their weight in gold!



Kathy said...

I would have never known you weren't prepared, Instigator. You hid it well. ;)

The fact that you came home energized tops everything else you might have experienced. Hold that inspiration dear to your heart. Channel the movie 'Hook' and return to your inner Peter Pan. Think of those inspiring thoughts as your 'happy place' and you'll fly every time.

I just saw HP and loved it! By the time HP ended, I could have sat through 2 more hours without thought as to how much time had passed.

word verif: oxyporac
(sounds like a spell from HP)

Playground Monitor said...

Sometimes even those of us with plans get sidetracked or a better plan comes up. I've learned to go with the flow.

Yipee on the 35 pages. That's awesome!

Jean said...

You left off what great moral support you are to those around you. Of course, you can't plan for that. It's just who you are.

Instigator said...

Ahhh. Thanks, Jean. :-) I heart you too!!!!!

Angel said...

I can't tell you how much it meant to me to have you sitting there!!! I'm so grateful for your support and all of the Playfriends who were rooting for me.

I can't believe you've written 35 pages with conference brain! I've barely been able to write emails. Ugh!!!


Problem Child said...

I didn't have a clue you weren't over schuduled!

I can't claim 35 pages, but I have a synopsis and ten new pages!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome Instigator! And PC, you go girl! It's nice to read about your experiences and feel the excitement. Mine will come when I get my garage where my 4 runner will fit in it prior to the cold weather moving in come fall.

Christine said...

Congratulations on the 35 pages! That's awesome. I had a bit of a plan, but I didn't try to do it all and took a lot of alone time to regroup between events.

I came home with an extra teen but still managed to reformat and do a quick polish on my MS before sending it to my CP for a final review--then I send it out as requested (so happy).

Other than that, I've managed to do thank you notes (painful to handwrite as I have lousy handwriting), and clear out my briefcase. On Monday, I'll tackle the synopsis again. Sending it all out soon!

I feel very energized about my career's direction regardless of how the requests work out. And I am going to another conference in October!