Sunday, July 19, 2009

Ask us: Conference Edition

While the Playfriends attend the RWA National Conference, we're answering your questions about life, writing, and everything else on the blog. Comments are open and there are prizes to be won!

Jane asks: Do the Playfriends communicate by phone or email daily? How often do the Playfriends get together in person?

More like seven hundred times a day. :-) Very little goes on in our lives we don't feel the need to share with the others immediately. We have our own yahoo loop, and on busy days there could be fifty emails flying around. As for in person gatherings, that can vary. Sometimes we'll go a couple of weeks without the whole group getting together, but we're usually planning something -- a dinner, a shopping trip, breakfast before our chapter meeting, a movie trip -- and it's not uncommon for us to get together in smaller groups. PM, Angel, and PC went shopping for Nationals, but SP and Insti were at work and couldn't come.

Check in next week to see how conference went!

*Jane, send us your address to claim your prize!

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