Friday, November 28, 2008

Turkey Day on Hold

Ahh... the day after Thanksgiving post. Since I've always been the "Friday Playfriend" I get to post on this day every year. I get to question the crazy people like Angel up at 4 AM standing in the cold to buy toys. I get to lament the plight of parents everywhere as they struggle to find this year's "it" toy. This post goes up just after midnight, so I'm hoping there aren't a lot of you reading this at 3AM with your mug of coffee before you head out on the great hunt. I hope you read it after rolling out of bed at 9, still sleepy from a turkey and pie hangover.

I wish I was. It actually feels a little odd to me this time, though, because I haven't had Thanksgiving yet. Yeah, I know it was technically yesterday, but DB had to work, so we rescheduled it to tomorrow. We're going to drive to his parent's place tonight or early tomorrow, probably, and spend the rest of the weekend with them.

Once the weekend is over, the holiday frenzy begins. I can't even begin to tell you how full my schedule is for this month. Multiple parties to attend, potlucks to cook for, and traditions to uphold. All good stuff, so I can't complain too much aside from not getting enough sleep and getting too much food. To make matters more complicated, DB's cousin has the audacity to get married on the 13th and I just don't know if we're going to make it.

Fortunately, I got a jump on the season this year by buying and wrapping all my presents in October. I feel quite virtuous. If I can just keep myself from buying more for no reason, I'll be in even better shape. I'm sure most people aren't as far ahead as me. Just to be cruel, there are exactly 27 shopping days until Christmas. Good luck with that.

So, how are you spending the remainder of your holiday weekend?



Playground Monitor said...

You have all your presents bought and wrapped?


I have a list of what I might get folks. I got a few things when PC and I went to the craft show last weekend. I can order some online. #2 son wants cash to go on a ski trip with his roommate and his family.

I'm not shopping tomorrow. The DH mentioned going to see Quantum of Solace. I didn't object. I may venture out on Saturday cause there are a couple of good sales on items on the list I mentioned -- that is if any are left after Black Friday.

Most of my weekend will be spent getting to 50000 words. That's what I'm doing now -- writing. I'm just taking a quickie break to check email, go potty, fill up the tea glass and have another snickerdoodle.


Problem Child said...

Two words, my dear SP, on your shopping and wrapping...

Bite. Me.

(At this rate, I might be ready for Christmas sometime around Valentine's Day. Heck, I have friends I still owe bday gifts to from October...)

Playground Monitor said...


Maven Linda said...

This may well be the most simplified Christmas my family has ever had, and we're all so relieved we can barely take it in. No gift exchanges this year! We buy for the little kids, and for the rest: Dirty Santa! One gift to buy and wrap. That's it. Can I tell you how much difference this makes to my enjoyment of the holidays? It's immense. Usually the stress of it all grind me down, possibly because -- on top of everything else -- the family celebrations for both sides of the family are at my house, sometimes back-to-back. It's grueling.

But not this year. This year, the get-togethers aren't on the same day, or even on consecutive days. This year, other than getting the house decorated, I can relax and just be with the people I enjoy. This year . . . it's CHRISTMAS!

Hey, I can even go on a cruise the weekend before Christmas, and not stress about getting everything done. Yep -- I'm cruising to the Bahamas, on a research trip. Well, the Bahamas aren't research, and I may not even leave the ship. It's the ship itself that's the research. I have a lot of photos to take, notes to make, and people to talk to.

Yep, this is turning out to be a great Christmas :-).

PM's Mother said...

Decorate the house? I gave that up ten years ago. A wreath on the door, a Christmas arrangement on the coffee table and dining room table and pull out my 2 foot ceramic Christmas tree (with the music box) from the closet and I'm there! (I know that is a long awkward sentence.)

As for gifts--there's the internet--ship directly to the recipient and I don't have to gift wrap them.

I still mail Christmas cards, though. I have many, many dear out-of-town friends that I keep in touch with. Usually I address them on Thanksgiving day, but yesterday was spent in the kitchen making ONE DISH to take to my church Thanksgiving dinner. I'll never make that recipe again!

Verification word "bactomsg" - sounds like "back to my bed" -- it works for me!

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm shopping today! Online. :-) Did a bit of that yesterday, too, after everyone left. My dil is one who's second in line at Toys R Us. She, my sister, my niece, they make a day of it. Not me. I have to say, I'm ALMOST finished. Just a few last minute things to buy, or order.

Today, sadly, I still have house to clean. Tables and chairs to put away. Tablecloths to wash. And I need to get my trees up pretty soon, since Thanksgiving came so late this year.


Angel said...

I plan on sleeping and writing today. That's it. I've had a house full of family since Tuesday afternoon and I'm tuckered out (that's why I've been absent lately). Plus I'm way behind in my word count. I probably won't make 50000, but I'd like to finish in the 40s.

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping. I can't wait to start decorating and wrapping. So much fun!!!


Playground Monitor said...

ship directly to the recipient and I don't have to gift wrap them

That's right. I have to gift wrap them. ;-) I got an email just this week telling me she order XYZ for the DH and when it arrives will I wrap it and put it under the tree for him.

I might not have my shopping done, but by golly I have over 46000 words on the NaNo book. Maybe I'll just send everyone a word for Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Dear PM,

At age 81 (almost 82) I am entitled to be indulged. I've wrapped my share of Christmas gifts.

Not to brag, but I use to make almost all of my gifts. The old sewing machine whirred late into the night. Once I even helped Mrs. Santa at Christmas by making a complete set of doll clothes for not one, but two dolls.

Now, can I be lazy during the holiday season if I want?

PM'S Mother

PS: Did you change my password so I wouldn't bug you?

Playground Monitor said...

Did you not see the little "winking" thing in my comment? You can be as lazy as you wish. You've earned it. But what's my excuse?

And no, I didn't change your password.

Virginia said...

It must be nice to have all of your shopping done and wrapped.
I will be spending Sat. cooking for my family. We spent Thanksgiving with my hubbies family so I am cooking for my family tomorrow. It is also kind of a birthday dinner for my sister. Her birthday is Dec. 2 and I am the only one who ever cooks for her.