Thursday, November 20, 2008


We are celebrating several things at my house today. First, today is Zilla's birthday so I need to take a minute and say

Happy Birthday, Baby
I Love You!

I'm extremely lucky to have this man in my life. He's absolutely amazing, would do anything for me and our girls and rarely allows me to do anything for him in return. There's no way I'd have achieved my goals without his support. I love him very much. I hope you have a wonderful (and not too hectic) day.

Second, we're celebrating Thanksgiving with our girls at school today. It is going to be a madhouse. I mean our family alone has nine adults and four kids coming. We're a Thanksgiving celebration all to ourselves. No one gets anything done at school today because all the kids are coming and going from class at weird and random times. However, we all really enjoy it. Because Zilla and I both work it's really hard for us to get time to spend with the girls at school. I am a little closer than he is during the day so I get there more often than he does. The girls are beside themselves knowing Daddy is coming to eat lunch with them today.

And last (Zilla, you do note that this ranked WAY below you on the totem pole right?) Twilight opens tomorrow (well, tonight at midnight). I have to be honest and say I've become slightly (okay, way more than slightly) obsessed. Hangs head and admits, I own a t-shirt, the movie companion book, a poster and a calendar. I've gone crazy. And I don't normally do this kind of stuff -for the most part I can usually act like an adult. Not over this. I am an obsessed fan girl. Rationally I realize that my fixation is with the books. And since there's nothing more for me to read right now - and the movie was only weeks away when I discovered the series - I am simply transferring my fixation. It isn't helping. I'm absolutely giddy knowing it's finally here. I can't imagine if I'd known about all this and had to wait for over a year.

So, any new celebrations or fixations you'd like to share?



Problem Child said...

Happy birthday 'Zilla!

I'm not quite understanding Insti and SP's obsession with Twilight, but I feel for those living with them. DG did just finish the first book, and he handed it off to me with a "You'd probably like it." (All that romance-y stuff, you know.) If I ever finish the current WIP, I'll give it a try. Then we'll see if I get all obsessed...

Crystal Lee said...

Birthday Greetings, 'Zilla!

I understand and share the obsession for Twilight - the series was my reading fix in August. I don't own (yet) anything beyond the books, but I was hooked. I possess this same obsession for the Harry Potter series, the Dune series, and all things Tolkien.

Playground Monitor said...

Joyeux anniversaire !

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!

Feliz Navidad! No wait, that's Jose Feliciano and Christmas.

Hope you have a wonderful birthday.

No Twilight obsession here either, though I am a little weak in the knees over the new 007 movie, and 007 in particular. Yum-oh! And then there's People magazine's new Sexiest Man Alive.

Smarty Pants said...

Happy Birthday, Zilla!

This post will segue nicely into my blog tomorrow. 3 guesses as to what its about and the first 2 don't count. :)

Somehow, I don't think PC will get wrapped up in it even if she likes it. I think by now she's seen us act too much the fools about it and will be too wary to give into the fandom.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Ooh, since Marilyn started the global wishes, I'll say it in Hawaiian:

Hau oli la hanau, Zilla!

Nope, not getting the Twilight thing either. I have the first book, because I want to know, and I admit I've skimmed the first few pages -- no fever to read the rest kicked in, however. Perhaps when I sit down to read it and get farther than a few pages?

In fact, Charlaine Harris's Dead Until Dark looks more interesting to me. I only read the first few lines of that and put it down immediately because I could see how easily I'd get sucked in.

Which I can't do just yet because of the WIP. *sigh* I don't have any fixations currently. I don't think I've ever gone nutty for a book or series though... Harry Potter was cool, but I stopped reading somewhere during the 3rd one and never finished.

Sherry Werth said...

Happy Birthday Zilla!

No obsessions far. I haven't read any of the Twilight books but my daughter has. She is going to see the movie this weekend with friends. She can't wait. I don't want to see the movie without reading the book first so I'll pass for now.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Happy Birthday, Zilla!

Instigator and SP, I can't wait until tomorrow! Woot! I, too, am totally obsessed with Twilight. I adore the books. (In fact, I corrupted Instigator and she corrupted SP.) I predict that the rest of the Playground will be enamored of the books as soon as NaNo is over.

I think Angel, in particular, will like them. :-)

Angel said...

Happy Birthday, Zilla! Thank you for sharing your wife's time with us!

I, too, can't wait for NaNo to be over so I might become obsessed with these books. :) I've got the hardcovers waiting on my bookshelf for me to read. I'm getting to the point where I feel like NaNo will never end...

Good to know, Rhonda!

I love books that I can still get lost in. The more I write, the less it happens. Or maybe I'm less willing to spend what little time I have on a book I'm not totally into. The last books that happened with were JR Wards'. I read the first 5 single titles in 5 days.


birdzilla said...

Thank you everyone for the well wishes.

I love you very much as well Instigator. Without your suuport I probably would not have 200 plants and counting (yeah I probably would) or espescially the new monkey.

Instigator said...

Sweetheart I don't care if it is your birthday, there better not be a monkey at the house when I get home.

Love you!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday 'Zilla.

And I am celebrating that come tomorrow, 4 pm, I will not be back at work until December 1st, yeah!!!!!! Dancing in my chair, yes I am.
ps, i will keep up with you ladies via my local library
word verification - preeno

Liza said...

Happy Birthday 'Zilla!

My nieces still love when my sister and her husband can come eat lunch with them.

I too can't wait to see Twilight! I don't get to go until Sunday afternoon, but I'm counting off the minutes.

Christine said...

We are going to see Twilight this weekend, my daughter and I. She's obsessed, but I am not. I read the series--first book is slow--but it gets faster if you stick with it.

Celebrations? Thanksgiving, Christmas (my favorite holiday), and Dutch Sint.

Happy Birthday Zilla!! Celebrate the day in style.

Virginia said...

Happy birthday Zilla! I don't think I have any obsessions right now, unless you can call cleaning up the house for the holidays, but I don't think this is an obsession. Its more something that need to be done, due to the fact that I let some things go during the summer so I could work outside.