Saturday, November 22, 2008

Oh. My. Gosh!

I can't believe it, but oh my gosh, another country has temporarily imported their number one treat to the U.S. No, it's not Hugh Jackman, but it does have something to do with him. He's Australian and these are Australian and they're both yummy. Until now, you had to have a very good friend Down Under who was willing to send these to you.

However, Target and Pepperidge Farms and Arnott's have teamed up to introduce the American public to something I fell in love with several years ago when Aussie author Bronwyn Jameson sent me a package of these.

What is it?

Tim Tam!

And PC and I each have a couple packages. Be still my heart.
They are available now through March at Target stores only and come in the original chocolate creme flavor as well as caramel. If you've never had Tim Tams, you're in for a big treat.
Thank you, Australia! Now if you'll just export Vegemite...


Virginia said...

No I have never had a Tim Tam and I have never seen one around here. I also live to far away from a Target store to ever get one. I am almost disapointed. I may never have a Tim Tam and I have heard so much about them.

Problem Child said...

I've had Vegimite, and Australia can keep it. (But, if you really want some, PM, I can hook you up.)

I opened my Tim Tams last night, and they are yummy. Not at all on my diet, so I refrained from eating the entire package (but it was tough.)

Playground Monitor said...

I was instructed by an Aussie on how to eat Vegemite properly -- spread thinly on buttered toast. It's not bad and it's oh-so-healthy.

Who's your dealer... er... connection?

Smarty Pants said...

I bought a box of the chocolate cream ones today! I can do without the vegemite though. Bleh.

Ellen said...

I bought one package of each the chocolate cream and caramel the other day when in Target. Guess I'll have to stock up on them if they are only here through March. Maybe they are just testing to see if they will sell here and if they do they'll keep on selling them.