Thursday, April 24, 2008

Playfriend Roadtrip

Well, it's pretty much been a Bon Jovi week here on the playground. Several of us are headed off to the concert this afternoon and making a vacation of it. A nice dinner out, a night without being woken up at 2 AM by children, and a chance to visit the mall without having to worry about my 3 yr old running off. Oh, and the amazingly sexy men who'll be singing to us from the stage. And I'm sorry if you're going to concert too, but those men are singing to US. :-)

Of course, anytime we have a playfriend road trip chaos and calamity seem to follow. Meth labs, cut fingers, blown knees...hmmm, come to think of it chaos and calamity just seem to follow PC. I suppose we nicknamed her wisely. The question next week will be what catastrophe befell us. I suppose we'll just have to wait and see.

A flurry of emails precede any roadtrip - whether we're leaving for 10 days in another country or going two hours away for a night. We must discuss clothing, accessories, suitcases, shoes...the list is endless. This would probably explain why I had a very strange dream last night. In the dream I was headed to Nashville (where the concert is tonight) to catch our plane to RWA national conference (where we're flying from in July). Only I was running late because I'd gotten stuck at work. My flight was at 3 PM and I'd just left my office (2 hours away) at 2:50PM. However, the plane was delayed when I arrived and hadn't left. But I couldn't get a guaranteed seat because I'd missed the window and they put me on standby instead which didn't look good because they'd bumped a flight before and all those passengers were ahead of me on the list.

As if this wasn't bad enough...I got to the airport only to realize that I hadn't packed my conference stuff...I'd packed my concert stuff. So I had 1 pair of jeans and a t-shirt, no pajamas, and my kick ass tiger print pants. No make-up. No fancy dresses for the parties. That was it. For the entire week of conference. Talk about a nightmare.

However, I think those pants are going to look fantastic when they call me up on stage for my very own serenade. Hey, if I'm dreaming, I'm dreaming big.

So, have you had any strange dreams/nightmares lately? Or are you looking forward to a roadtrip of your own?



Angel said...

Um, if you left your pjs at home, you get to sleep in the bed by yourself. :)

Isn't it funny how things like that happen? Whenever I worry about stuff I have weird dreams too.

Bon Jovi!!!! I can't wait!


Smarty Pants said...

Now I'm trying to think of what I forgot. It doesn't really matter, I guess. I have the tickets. That's the important part.

I always have those crazy dreams. I had one where my plane landed in Japan (and then I had another one later in France) but I didn't have a passport, so they wouldn't let me off the plane and sent me home.

The worst part about those dreams are that I wake up all anxious, worrying that something is wrong when everything is fine.

"Whooooaaaa, we're halfway there!"

Playground Monitor said...

I had a real crazy dream not long ago but I can't remember what it was. I was also odd because I remembered the dream and usually I don't. I take meds to keep my legs from being restless at night and they either keep me from dreaming or keep me from remembering. I must have woken up at just the right moment to have remembered the one I forgot.

Y'all have fun and remember that Nashville is a long way for me to have to go to bail you out. ;-)


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I had a conference dream recently. Can't remember what happened, but naturally I wasn't prepared and I was panicking. :)

Have fun! Say hi to Jon and Chris for me! :)

Rhonda Nelson said...

Ya'll have a good time!

Problem Child said...

Hey! Calamity maybe, but never chaos.

And I'm not working solo here... You seem to be the one with wardrobe malfunctions, remember?

Fewer things happen when DG comes along, but then Counselor Shelley and I seem to be a trouble magnet.

Oh lord, it's going to be an interesting trip...

Liza said...

I am so excited about the Bon Jovi concert tonight!!! If only I didn't have to spend the day at work first.

No strange dreams that I can remember lately.

Betina Krahn said...

Love Bon Jovi! And it's been a while since I had a road trip. The family lives so far away, I have to fly. But I'd love a good old fashioned road trip with good friends.

My last one was undertaken with just my dog. He's a great traveling buddy, overall, but not much of a conversationalist.

:) Betina

Anonymous said...

You ladies have a great time and be safe and don't forget the camera. I try to keep a list of to-do things, so that I don't stress out so much when we are having events here at school (Brock School of Business - SU), which we have the minimum of 2 a month.

terrio said...

Total envy going on right now. Have a blast and if there are any mugshots involved, we'll expect to see them.

This is so timely as I've had two nightmares in the last week when I'm certain I haven't had one in about ten years. One involved a dead body sliding out of a hotel room wall (hope that's not in any way related to a future conference) and both involved either a young girl or a young woman, dark black hair, turning to me with what I can only call the face of death.

Now, I don't watch horror movies of any kind so I don't know where these are coming from. If I have another one, I'm going to be afraid to go to sleep at night.

Jen said...

Why do I feel as if we can expect some good stories next week?