Friday, April 25, 2008

Livin' on a Prayer & Chocolate Fondue

As you're reading this, PC, Angel, Instigator, Darling Geek, Counselor Shelley, and myself are in a Nashville hotel sleeping off a coma of chocolate fondue and Bon Jovi music. Only PM was strong enough to resist the pull of the 80's hair band - even with AI alum Daughtry as the opening act.

We're going to do a little shopping and make our way back home today. No doubt our ears are still ringing from screaming "Livin' on a Prayer" with twenty thousand other people. We've probably overpaid for concert t-shirts and stickers that say "Mrs. Jon Bon Jovi." I'm sure the real Mrs. Bon Jovi doesn't mind.

One of the first albums I ever owned was Slippery When Wet. I think I scraped up every penny I had to buy it at KMart. I'm not sure my young mind quite wrapped around the possibilities of the title at the time (I thought Cherry Pie was about baked goods) but I sure liked the music. (BTW - The first album was He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince - yeah, Will Smith. Pretty scary.) Bon Jovi was second, I think.

PC, Instigator and I are all pretty big fans of 80's music. We're slowly converting Angel. In Scotland, we played Totally 80's trivia to keep ourselves occupied on the plane and long, late night drives through the countryside. Our mixed tapes always include some fun 80's tunes. My 30th birthday party will have a Totally 80's theme - this is the official notice to everyone to start growing out their bangs, now. :)

I'm afraid this might set me off on a concert kick. There's so many groups I'd like to see that I haven't yet - REM, Aerosmith, Metallica, Bryan Adams... Unfortunately, I think they're all touring this summer, which is impossible. I already regret missing the over-priced Simon & Garfunkel tour a few years back and I'm certain they'll never tour again. What was your first "grown up" album? Does it remind you of your crazy teenaged years when the lyrics spoke to you? If you could go to a concert of anyone, who would you like to see?


Here's a little Bon Jovi eye candy for those who couldn't make it...

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2 Laurie Entries Pending (announcing today, although I'll believe it when it happens)
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terrio said...

Can't wait to hear about the show. I think Loverboy was my first album but I'll never forget the year I begged and got Slippery When Wet for Christmas.

I saw Bryan Adams live for the first time a couple of years ago. He opened for Def Leppard (my fav!) which seemed like an odd pairing but he put on an awesome show. Highly recommend that one.

Playground Monitor said...

I've received no phone calls about bailing you guys out, so I presume you had good, safe fun. Of course, I haven't heard from the hospital either, so maybe PC's kicked her "get hurt on the road" streak.

My first records were 45's. I didn't start buying albums til I was in college and I think the first was James Taylor's Fire and Rain. I still love the songs on that plus everything else he's ever done. That'd be who I'd pay big money to see. He was here last year and the DH had to be out of town on concert day. :-( Maybe some day. And then there's Barry Manilow. I'm such a fanilow. We were going to fly to Vegas to see him but they shut down the el-cheapo Vegas flights.


Lynn Raye Harris said...

I came of age in the 80s, so of course I'm an 80s music fan! Cool! You mean Slippery When Wet isn't about slick pavement? :)

First album. Hmm, well, I can't remember the first one I bought personally, but I remember the first one I GOT. Leif Garrett, late 70s. When I bought my own, I believe I was a Billy Squier/Loverboy/Ozzy Osborne/Led Zeppelin kind of girl. :)

To this day, I'm addicted to rock. Give me Aerosmith, Bon Jovi, Daughtry, Creed, Train, Nickleback, and David Cook any day!

Liza said...

The concert was so awesome last night! I paid way too much for my ticket too, but had such a great time it was worth it! I think my first album was Kenny Rogers Greatest Hits. I have Slippery When Wet on cassette and played it so much I had to replace it at least once.

catslady said...

I actually got to see Simon and Garfunkel twice. It should have been 3 times but while dating my now husband there was a huge snowstorm and he took his best friend who lived closer instead - I still let him hear about that 38 years later lol. My first concert was the Yes.

Problem Child said...

AWESOME Concert! Totally worth what I paid for the tickets!!

Sadly, Jon did not see me and fall instantly in love, but I guess I'll survive...

Angel said...

OMG! That picture does not do Jon Bon Jovi enough credit. That man is HOT!

I had a wonderful time! Well worth the money we paid for the concert. Not as impressed by the fondue meal, although the dessert was great. I'm sure y'all will here more gushing from me on Monday.

Liza, we should have found a place to meet at the concert! We were on the lower floor, in that first section of elevated seats in the rear right hand curve. Actually, they were pretty good. We could see really well.


Jen said...

First album was The Jackson Five. Micheal was real and not weird. First concert was The Eagles.