Monday, April 21, 2008

Get Away From It All

A friend of mine, who serves as a minister of music for a local church, began a 3 month sabbatical yesterday. She's put in 10 years of service and decided to take a break in order to spend time with her family, reconnect with God, and heal from the ups and downs of ministry.

This idea of a sabbatical intrigues me. Of course, I know what I'd do if I had 3 months away from the daily grind of my regular jobs. My goals wouldn't be nearly as lofty or spiritual, but they would include writing (of course), and probably getting this house of mine under control. This summer I hope to paint Little Man's room and my office. Like I said, not very spiritual, but I'm a bit of a practical person. If money were no object, I'd like to travel to several places I'd love to set books in, like Charleston, SC, and New Orleans.

If you could go on a 3 month sabbatical, what would you do? Where would you go?



Playground Monitor said...

I could do some serious travel if some large lottery winnings were also involved. I've always wanted to see the New England states. I also would like to see the Pacific Northwest. And at either place why not swing north into Canada?

A return trip to Europe wouldn't be bad either. I could re-visit the places we visited thirty-odd years ago. Or I could take the trip to Kenya I missed when the DH worked there for six weeks. Or how about Australia or Russia or China?

I have too many places I'd love to visit and I'm still waiting to win the lottery. ;-)


Rhonda Nelson said...

I would rent a cabin in Alaska--think Elmo from Men In Trees--and just completely unwind. I actually mentioned doing this to my family--all of us together--and they looked at me as though I'd lost my mind, then guffawed.

Humph. Fine. I'll go alone. :-)

Rhonda Nelson said...

Er...that should be doing this *with* my family. Geez Lord, it's too early.

Maven Linda said...

Three months? In three months, i couldn't even get caught up on all the things that have been let go, or that I'd have to do before I could go on sabbatical.

I need a year's sabbatical. Seriously. I don't see one in my future, though.

What would I do? Probably design some houses. I bought the software and everything, but I don't dare load it on the computer while I'm working, because that's the kind of thing I can get lost in. Temptation has to stay firmly behind me, for now.

I don't really want to travel, at least not right now. I'd like some quiet, normal time at home. Notice the qualifiers: quiet, and normal -- two things that are very tough to come by, unless "not quiet" IS normal, in which case I think I need to leave home.

Problem Child said...

If money was no object...hmm, a nice private beach somewhere. Possibly the Maldives.

My Baby BIL and SIL just got back from their 6-month trip through Asia and Australia/New Zealand, so I'm sure they'd have great answers for all of us.

Like Maven Linda, though, just the thought of all I'd have to do before I left is enough to make me think twice...

Smarty Pants said...

It would be nice to spend a couple months touring Europe. At the same time, 3 months would probably be just long enough for me to get everything of mine and DB's out of storage and situated properly in the house. Boo.

Lynn Raye Harris said...

An apartment in Venice or a house in Tuscany. If I were in Venice, I'd go out every day and explore a church, art gallery, or scuola. I spent a week there once, and I didn't see everything I wanted to see. If I were in Tuscany, I'd go for walks, write in the garden, and eat way too much good food.

And then I'd come home and think, dear Lord, who's going to clean this house and catch up on everything that piled up while I was gone?

Instigator said...

Oooh, I've always wanted to travel. I'd love to spend months in Ireland tracing my family's roots. Or go on an African safari. Or visit Greece. I'd be more than happy to join Lynn in Tuscany. Alaska during the summer would be amazing. Australia. Let's just say that given the chance (and someone else footing the bill) I'd be happy to explore just about anywhere.


Anonymous said...

I would get my house up to par, so I could get it sold. And then set out to find my new home closer to work and not be stressed to you know where (h@*l)and back.

Kathy said...

Haven't you heard about all the bear attacks in Alaska, Rhonda? I've got some gruesome stories to tell.

Ah, Lynn! Tuscany. I would love to get a villa and live in Tuscany. Tour Scotland, Ireland, Wales and England. Go to Australia and eat some shrimp off the barb-B. Monaco, Egypt, Caribbean Islands, Nova Scotia, Iceland and Greenland.

3 months might be enough time to clean my house. I have lots of bay windows and just spent a lot of time this weekend cleaning them, which is just the tip of the iceberg.

Third try: fvhgrfgt- sounds like something you don't want to smell.

Sherry W. said...

Hmm - Three months with money not being a problem. Travel. Forget the cleaning and getting things in order to go. Just go. And the Tuscany trip would be at the top of the list. Oh, and somewhere tropical- with my own private beach.

Cynthia E. Bagley said...

At this point, I am on a permanent sabbatical. But, if my husband was on a sabbatical, we would lease one of those RVs and do a little traveling. I would encourage him to photograph the areas and animals we visited. I would collect research material and write.

It would be the perfect vacation. Ummm.. a good thought.

Liza said...

If money were no object, I would go to Ireland first and then Italy. I would see all the places I've read about. Then I would come back to the states and and travel out west.

Michele L. said...

I would definitely love to see all of U.S.! There are a lot of states that I haven't seen yet. Mostly in the west. Would love to see the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, the Sequoia's, and just all over! I love to travel, especially by car. When you fly you miss so much.

Michele L.

Jen said...

I'd like three months in a very simple house with whitewashed walls in Spain overlooking the sea.

Angel said...

Now, if money were no object, we could all hire someone to clean our houses from top to bottom before we leave. A woman can dream, can't she? :)

I've been gone today to find a shirt to wear to the Bon Jovi concert (I'm sure y'all will be hearing all about John later this week). My first concert as an adult! Yay!


Liza said...

Angel, are you coming to the Nashville Bon Jovi concert? My friends and I are so excited to see him on Thursday night!