Friday, April 11, 2008

Disney Whirrled

I'm writing this post early because today, I'm at Disney World. I know you're probably wondering why. I have no children. I didn't bring Little Sister (although I'm considering doing it this fall).

Turns out I'm just a big kid that grew up on the Disney Channel and VHS craze of the 80s. This was back before it was ruined by the likes of Hannah Montana and the Cheetah Girls. Don't even get me started on High School Musical. Anyway, I have pretty much every full-length animated feature on tape or DVD. I can whoop some serious butt on any Disney trivia game. I have the ability to sing random Disney songs DB has never heard before and make him crazy. I even have a friend who used to work at Disney World as Prince Charming. LS doesn't believe me when I tell her I actually know Prince Charming. I may have to track one down while I'm there and get a picture with him since my friend didn't get to keep the costume when he left, of course.

For some reason, I've been in Alabama 7 years and I haven't managed to get down to Disney World yet. I had a friend recently move to Orlando and a local airline has insanely cheap flights (that they've recently cancelled after May, dangit) so I'm going to visit this weekend. She has a season pass to Disney, so we're going to make an event of it. Epcot is having a spring flower festival, so that should be interesting. My friend has to work Friday, so I'm going to do some of the parks on my own, then we're going together Saturday. We're meeting some more friends in Mexico for dinner (that's Epcot Mexico, by the way.)

I sliced open a vein and bought a two day park hopper pass, so I can skip from one park to the other. I'm going to try to cram $200 worth of sight-seeing into these two days. The whirl-wind tour, you could say. I've never been to Animal Kingdom or the MGM Studios park. I went to Epcot briefly a few years ago for a conference but most the exhibits were closed. I haven't been to the Magic Kingdom since I was four. I lived on the west coast, so I was a Disney Land girl growing up.

I guess its kind of odd that a late 20-something woman traveling alone would go to a Disney park. It doesn't bother me too much. I spent several days at Sea World alone once. (Its better that way, really, because I get entraced by the simplest things there.) I probably won't do a lot of rides because I don't care for that as much on my own, but walking around seeing things, shopping, etc., is fine by me. I can go at my own pace. I can stare at the animals for an hour and not worry about dragging down the group. I can rush through something that seems boring. There are advantages. Of course, there will be no one there to appreciate my sarcastic mutterings but its only for one day.

Do you enjoy traveling alone or do you prefer going in a couple or group? One commenter will get something from Disney. I won't know what until I check out the gift shops. Maybe it will have Johnny Depp on it. Or Mickey. For msyelf, I think I might have to compromise and get one of the Mickey ears with the Pirates of the Carribbean dreds.


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Problem Child said...

I don't mind traveling alone--although I do prefer to have a friend along.

Looks like we are going to Disney this fall after all--AC doesn't know yet, though!

Playground Monitor said...

I don't mind traveling alone, but my sister and I have such fun on our yearly girl's trip. We're still trying to decide where to go this year. She's up to her eyeballs in tax returns (she's a CPA) so we don't even talk much until April 15.

I read SP's story in True Romance yesterday and it's great! Her trademark humor shines through but without it being yuk-yuk funny. I totally understand why they bought it.

Have fun, Smarty Pants! See you when you get back.


Laura J. said...

I'm so jealous!!!! I would love to be a DW right now. Love that place and yes I could go alone (as my husband can be as big a whiner as my kids when he gets tired). It would be great to do what I want when I want.

When I moved about 50 miles away from home the first time, I would take little day trips around the area. My dad would have had a heart attack if he knew I was doing that, but unfortunately for him I was my mother's daughter and did it anyway. *g*

Lynn Raye Harris said...

I can travel alone, but it's more fun with company. I drove across the Alps alone, but I was on my way to meet up with the hubby, so that was fine. I've only been to Epcot. Oddly enough, I have no desire to ever go to DW. I feel like I got the theme park thing over with when I was 20-something. I've been to Busch Gardens, Six Flags, and Epcot. That was enough for me. :)

Here's hoping you get that finalist status!! Did you eat with PC at all? Touch her arm or leg? It seems to help... ;) Congrats on your story being out! Now, if someone can just tell me (yeah, this is dumb) where I can get one of those magazines, I'll go buy one! :) (Which I should have been doing anyway so I could read Marilyn's stories!)

Angel said...

I didn't get to go to Disney World until I was 15 years old, despite living in Florida until I was ten. But I loved it then and can't wait to go again. I want to wait until Little Man is five, because I want him to remember parts of it if he can.

I love to travel with *certain* groups of people. :) But I also don't mind traveling alone. I love to run away to a local motel for the night so I can write and brainstorm uninterrupted. But as an introvert who doesn't get nearly enough time alone since I had children, I need a few hours to myself whenever I'm gone with a big group. Otherwise, I get... well... contrary is a nice way to say it. :)

Lynn, I found True Romance at Publix. Try there.


CrystalGB said...

I prefer traveling with my spouse and family. It is more fun for me that way.

Maven LJ said...

I like both -- some alone time and some time with a friend or family member. We were at Disney last summer, and my one regret was not getting my picture made with the VERY fine Captain Jack impersonator. No, he was not JD, but he was fine all the same. I was dragged away from Jack by a hoard of grandchildren who wanted to get on some ride. Ah, priorities. :-)


Instigator said...

I'm an extrovert so I like traveling with people (although I'm picky about who those people are :-)).

We took the girls to DW January before last. They really enjoyed it and surprisingly enough, Baby Girl remembers more than I thought she would. We're planning on going back again when she turns five though so that she can get the full experience.


robertsonreads said...

I can go either way. I enjoy going on road trips with my brothers & sisters (I have 3 of each) or I can knock around by myself. I don't my going shopping or out to eat alone. I am NOT waiting on anyone. Yes, it's a lot more fun with someone share with you. Have a great Friday and weekend.

Jen said...

I'm totally fine traveling on my own. Hope you're having a BLAST!

terrio said...

My kiddo just returned from spring break at DW with her dad and step-monster. From what I can tell, she loved it be didn't get to have that great a time. We're planning on going back first week of September since I've never been there. That's right, mid-30s and never been to DW. A travesty!

I have no problem travelling alone. Though it would be nice to find that one person with whom I could see the world. The women in my family used to take a vacation together every year but they are so miserable and moody, I baled after the '06 trip. If I want miserable and moody, I'll just come to work.

Congrats on the article and fingers crossed for the contest. I'll look for the mag when I'm out this weekend.

catslady said...

I'm a big wuss and never venture out on my own - probably because I didn't learn to drive 'til later in life and I don't do a lot of it so it tends to hold me back. In my next

Liza said...

I'm single, so I don't mind traveling alond. It is more fun when I go on trips with my friends for my sister and her family.

I love DW and would have a season pass if I lived near it. TN to FL is just too far a drive. I've been several times. On the last trip, my sister and I took a day to ourselves and her husband took all 3 kids. We saw all the countries at Epcot and had a blast.

Shari C said...

I don't mind traveling alone, but prefer to have my husband along. We usually each have certain things we want to see at various places so I get to see twice as much as I otherwise would have. It is also nice to have him to talk to and help with carrying all the stuff I buy...ha,ha.

Kathy said...

Have fun, SP! You know I've been to DW many times. In fact, once a year for the past 9 years, 1 year twice. (Cheerleading competitions) One more odyssey to go in Feb. and then I'll have put all my mileage on DW in. Whew!

Love. Love. Love me some Capt. Jack Sparrow stuff. Got a Capt. Jack key chain this past Feb. Ah, POTC ride is GREAT! Would love to walk around wearing a pirate hat and dreads. :-)

Good luck with the final results!

Michele L. said...

Oh you lucky! I absolutely love Disney world! I have been there twice now. If I lived close to it I would probably be there all the time! I live in Indiana. Drat! I have traveled by myself when I was younger but then someone was at the other end waiting to pick me up like my brother and sister-in-law. I prefer to travel with someone such as my hubby or a best friend. I have gone on a lot of trips in the U.S. I love to travel! All my husband has to say is "TRIP" and I am in the car! Don't take me long to pack.

Congratulations on being a finalist! Woohoo! I am crossing my fingers that you win!

Well, you have a fabulous time at Disney! Have a load of fun and tell us all about it when you get back, o.k.?

Michele L.

Lois said...

I'd sooooooo love going to a place like Disney World by myself. That would be rather cool. . . and I'm sure it's nice and toasty warm there. Well, the temp is apparently 73 outside right now, it's just freezing inside right now. LOL Takes a while for the house to change on the inside when the outside changes (in this case, for it to warm up inside. Brr.)

And should you head up to Kennedy Space Center, don't tell me, I'll totally be 1000% jealous!! ;)