Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Really? 500? Squeee!

Wow. This is the 500th post on the Playground Blog. Who would have ever thought we’d have that much to say?* Or that anyone would want to listen to us?

I would genuinely love to be profound, inspirational, or even witty in this milestone post, but I’m afraid I might not deliver. The pressure is killing me.

You might have noticed that we’re all about the milestones around here. We’re pretty liberal with what qualifies for a celebration—even if it’s just a cyber-quickie squeeee celebration.

Finished a book? Celebrate!

Met your daily page goal? Celebrate!

Got nice comments from a contest, even though you didn’t final? Celebrate!

Filled the plot hole in your book? Celebrate!

Firmed up the sagging middle of your book? Celebrate!

Firmed up YOUR sagging middle with a 5 pound weight loss? Celebrate!

Didn’t commit bodily harm to your DH when he interrupted you for the 20th time while you were trying to get that chapter finished? Celebrate!

We’re generous with the milestones because the rest of world isn’t.

It’s very easy to be hard on yourself. The question is why you’d want to. Dog knows the rest of the world is ready and willing to slag off on you and rain on your parade. So give yourself a break and celebrate your accomplishments—however small.

We’re celebrating all kinds of milestones on the Playground today. What accomplishment would you like to celebrate? Tell us so we can all cheer and squeee on your behalf.

*Snarky comments about me being Mouth of the South are unnecessary, thank you very much.


Smarty Pants said...

500! Woo hoo!

Other things to celebrate - I caulked my tub last night (first time) without making a total mess. The little things... :)


Kathy said...

Congratulations on # 500! The world is a better place when an uplifting tips and experience are shared at the writingplayground.

I'm celebrating the fact that I still have hair!


Rhonda said...

500 posts! That's fantastic. :-)

I'm celebrating that I got out bed this morning. I didn't want to.

Playground Monitor said...

I SO overslept this morning and have been running around all morning like a crazy lady. Let's celebrate that I haven't slit my wrists yet.

I still have to shower and run to the bank and buy the DH's Valentine present.


Meljprincess said...

500! Wheeeeee! Congrats!

I'll be a 9 year breast cancer survivor soon.
I'm doing very well on my diet.

Jennifer Y. said...


Smarty Pants said...

I just got all my girl scout cookies! Squeee for thin mints and samoas!


Pat said...

I turned 60 last October. Everyone says I dont look my age. Makes me feel really good.

Problem Child said...

Squeee! all around.

My day has gone to crap, so I'm not celebrating that, but I'll celebrate the fact I'm getting my hair done tomorrow :-)

robynl said...

congrats and confetti on 500!!!
Let's celebrate that I am not totally bonkers after getting new top dentures and a partial bottom one-right now I HATE THEM. Here is to better times ahead.

catslady said...

I'm celebrating for my daughter who just got engaged.

Congrats on 500!

I also received my book today "Nothing to Fear" by Karen Rose when my airport story was chosen. Thanks so very much and something else to celebrate lol.

Cheryl said...

Woo!! Hoo! Congrats on the 500.
Hmmm . . . I'm celebrating finding such a great blog!

Instigator said...

SQUEEEEEE! It's hard to believe we've hit 500. I remember the first day. That single, solitary blog tooked so lonely. Now look at us :-)

At the moment, I'm celebrating taking a 2 hour nap which I needed desperately. Unfortunately, Baby Girl had to be sick for me to get it. Tonight I will be celebrating starting a new writing challenge.


Lis said...

Congrats on 500!! :o)

I'm celebrating 2 requested partials out, one long enough that my fingernails will soon take a beating *g*

Angel said...

Long day, so I'm a little late getting here, but so glad I finally did. Thanks, PC, for cheering me up!

What can I celebrate tonight? Finishing my book this past weekend, actually having a paying job today, the 4 pounds I've lost in the past 3 weeks on Weight Watchers, the fact that I haven't attacked the box of Samoas on my counter to gain back said 4 pounds... :)

I love you, ladies! Most of all I celebrate having great friends who make me smile at the end of a rough day.


Playground Monitor said...

Wow! Our group here today had lots of wonderful things to celebrate. I got my Valentine shopping done (don't tell, but I'm redecorating the DH's bathroom for him -- not a complete redecorating job but new towels, tissue box holder, soap dispenser, cup to hold his toothbrush) and I got him a new nylon shower scrubby and a pumice thingy to exfoliate his cracked heels.

And in a magnanimous gesture, I'm going to suggest we NOT go out to dinner tomorrow night because it's always crowded and the staff is so overworked that the food is often bad and the waiters are crabby. So I'm going to grill steaks and have salad and baked potatoes. I bought a frozen "blooming onion" type dish and a blackberry cobbler to bake for dessert. So we blow the diet. Eh... it's just one day. We'll be back on track Thursday night -- eating our meat and salad in front of the TV while we watch Survivor. *g*


Pat said...

Congrats, Cats! Did they set a date. I wish them the best of luck and much happiness.

I remember the happiness with my daughter's wedding, etc. And in Sept. it will be 2 years. I cannot believe it.