Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Morning After

As a romance writer I absolutely love Valentine's Day. How could I not? It's a celebration of one of the strongest forces, love.

However, the morning after always makes me a bit sad. The roses wilt. The balloons deflate. And the chocolates migrate to the hips. It's so easy to get lost back in the mundane - heaven only knows I'm guilty - and let the celebration disappear.

Love is something to be treasured on every day, not just one. And don't get me wrong, I absolutely think we can accomplish that without flowers, sappy cards, or overindulging in chocolate. It's the little things that are important. The actions that speak louder than the words (or a singing card).

I'm loved by many people in my life. I know that on most days. And I suppose any day that reminds me to cherish that gift is a good one...maybe the problem isn't that we have Valentine's Day, maybe it's that we only have it once a year.

Perhaps that's why I read and write romance, the characters and stories remind me when I slip and forget. Through their journey I can see the possibilities and remember that I have those same loving experiences in my own life with my husband, children, and family. Why do you write and/or read romance?


P.S. The writing challenge is going slooowly but I've that's something :-)

P.P.S. Congratulations to our winners from yesterday's blog! Teresa wins a fabulous book from Wayne. And Lainie and Emma win bookthongs. Please email Playground Monitor at with your snail mail address and she'll get your prizes right out.


Rhonda said...

Ask me another day. My hero is being uncooperative at the moment.


Smarty Pants said...

I usually get the post holiday blues, but I'm actually feeling pretty good after yesterday. We had a candlelight dinner with wine (yes, I made it and I arranged it all while he slept) but it was very nice. Romantic. Then we watched a tv show on physics and Steven Hawking. Don't ask...

As for why? Sometimes, when I'm stuck I wonder why I write at all, but its a compulsion. Why romance? It mixes the best of everything. I can write a mystery, a thriller, a tear jerker, a comedy... plus I get to throw a good love story in there. Nothing better than that.


Kathy said...

Ah, chocolates, roses... need I say more? I only get them once a year, so why not splurge?

Why do I write romance? In the violent world we live in, it's nice to be able to sit and read, and even better to write, a book that celebrates love. The human spirit needs love in order to survive. All writers of romance should be thrilled to know that they are helping to keep love alive in a world gone mad.


Playground Monitor said...

We did the "dinner at home" thing too and it was very nice. Then we piled up on the sofa and watched last Friday's episode of Monk and last night's episode of American Idol.

I just love a happy-ever-after ending. I rarely read anything besides romance now because with all the ugliness in the world today, I need some HEA to balance it all out. And it's probably for that same reason I try to write it.


Problem Child said...

Love is the most complex of all emotions. Trying to express why two people fall in love is possibly the most difficult thing I've ever written.

If nothing else, romance writers must like a challenge...

Anonymous said...

How romantic! Everyday should be Valentine's Day!