Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Most of the playground is on a diet. I'm certain this isn't a phenomenon centered only on the playground. New Year's resolutions. Lenten promises. It's the right time to be giving up, sacrificing in order to become a better person. At least that's what I tell myself when I really, really, really want that valentine's chocolate my girls brought home from school.

So far, the end result isn't exactly what I've been looking for. Sure, I've lost a couple pounds but not nearly as quickly as I'd like. Patience...not a strong virtue for me :-)

It probably isn't a fluke that I started a writing challenge around the same time as I did this diet (although probably not very intelligent on my part). Both goals require similar constant commitment.

Just like there are days when I find I can't resist that bag of Doritos in the cabinet, there are days I find it very difficult to sit down in front of the computer to write. Not because I don't want to. Or that the story isn't there. But usually because I simply don't have the energy to be creative. Just like I don't always have the willpower to deny myself that treat.

What I do have is the drive to succeed - at both writing and the diet. I might have off days, I might backslide for a week, but I will get back into the groove because both are very important to me. This diet isn't just about losing weight. It's about feeling better, instilling better habits in my children than I now have. This writing challenge isn't just about completing another book. It's about rediscovering the joy, something that happens each and every time I work on a new project.

Habits. They can be good or bad. Hopefully I'm changing some damaging ones with this diet and maybe working on better ones with this writing challenge.

What bad habit do you have that you'd like to change?



Rhonda said...

Cursing. I've developed a real potty mouth. :-)

And I have a tendency to "eat" my way through a book. I'v gotten better about laying off the non-sticky candies, like M&M's and Skittles and have substituted sugar-free Werther's in their place.

Kathy said...

Thinking my writing sucks. I've been in the doldrums lately. A downhill, uphill, downhill circle that never seems to stop spinning.

Good luck on the diet and writing challenge!


Smarty Pants said...

Snacking. I'm a nibbler. DB can sit down and eat a biggie sized combo with a triple cheeseburger, then hit the pantry looking for a snack. I eat little bits all the time. Granola bar here, crackers there, a cookie or two, half a sandwich, another cookie, some popcorn, the rest of the sandwich... I end up eating all the time.

Speaking of eating...this is my second post. Blogger ate the first one.


Playground Monitor said...

Snacking. I always seem to be hungry. But I'm trying to keep healthy snacks in the house -- fruit, Kashi bars, cheese.

I used to consume a 6-pack of Pepsi a day, but I've cut that down to one a day. I usually have it with my lunch and then nurse it all afternoon. I do still drink a lot of sweet tea but I've cut back on the amount of sugar I add to a pitcher.

Procrastination -- bad, bad habit, especially when related to writing.


Angel said...

I loved this post, Instigator, because it so describes my own relationships to dieting and writing. I've never looked at the parallels before, but they're definitely there.

The bad habit I'd love to eradicate? Unconscious eating.

Pat said...

Picking at my fingernails.

catslady said...

Being a pack rat - I hate to throw away anything that just might have a possible use.

Problem Child said...


Mindless eating. Procrastination. Control Freak tendencies.

F**king H*ll--cursing should probably be on that list.

Let's just say I have lots of room for self improvement :-)