Monday, November 28, 2005

Some days are better than others

I promised myself I wouldn’t write about my amazing, adorable child in the blog, as not everyone wants to hear about her, but I couldn’t let this slide by. My Amazing Child spent the night at her grandmother’s, and Grammy called me with one of those “you won’t believe what she said” tales.

Apparently, AC told my mother and my mom’s roommate—apropos of something—“My mommy can save the day, and she doesn’t even need a cape.”

Dun dun ta da! SUPERMOM. Able to leap tall piles of dirty laundry in a single bound. Faster than grape juice headed toward a white carpet. Able to wear Spandex in public and look fabulous doing it. (I don’t need a cape, but I do want really cool boots.) SUPERMOM to the rescue!

I did the Snoopy dance around my kitchen—not because I’m Supermom, but because, at least for today, I’m not The World’s Worst Mother. Nope, not me. Not today. The Golden Coathanger Award will have to go to someone else. Tomorrow, when I send her to her room for back-talking, and she tells me she’s never speaking to me again, I’ll be back in the running, but right now, I’m Supermom.

I think all Moms have days when they feel they just don’t measure up—those days when you aim for Good-Enough Mom or Doing-The-Best-I-Can Mom. Most days, I’m just trying not to do permanent damage to my kid or turn her into a serial killer. But comments like today’s make me realize I’m not doing such a bad job after all.

To top it all off, I got a note from an editor that said my writing was “quite good.” Granted, she still didn’t want it, but the comment made me realize I’m not doing a terrible job there, either.

So let’s see… I don’t suck as either a parent or a writer.

Today is a good day.


Playground Monitor said...

Bravo both on your Supermom status and the positive feedback from the editor.

Motherhood's a tough job -- no pay, no training except on the job, and you have to wait FOREVER to see the fruits of your labors. Well, sometimes you get a little glimpse along the way, such as AC's statement. But hang in there cause it's definitely worth it.

Angel said...

Very encouraging, PC. Thanks for lifting my spirits after days of wondering if I'll ever figure out how to get through to my own daughter. Don't think she'll ever call me SuperMom. I'm just hoping she doesn't hate me too much when she's a teenager.
Congratulations on the editor comment! It's a step in the right direction.