Friday, November 25, 2005

Mommy, I want an XBOX!

I'm writing my blog early this week because for the holiday I am venturing into the world of my in-laws - an internet free zone. I've just finished reading PM's very touching friendship post, so I'm feeling a little sentimental, which is not normally my style. The holidays make me think warm, fuzzy thoughts about friends, family, togetherness. The reality is usually not as Norman Rockwell-like as the images in my memory, but I still approach this season with the hope and anticipation that this year will I will truly get to celebrate the spirit of the holidays.

In speaking of the spirit of the holidays, by the time you read this, it will be the infamous day after Thanksgiving. The stores will open at 5AM for caffeinated shoppers with a mission. Old women will push each other down to get a shot at a free gift for the first 100 people in the door. Parents will wait in line for hours for the opportunity to get their hands on an XBOX 360. There will be honking and cussing in mall parking lots across the nation as people fight for "good" parking spots and inch their way around to the stores they need to get into.

If you are one of these people, I bid you good luck. I, however, will be fast asleep under lots of blankets with a belly full of turkey and pie. Why is that? Because there is not an experience on this earth that can douse holiday spirit faster. The time of year that is supposed to be about brotherhood and love becomes a competitive battle where the civilized masses lose all common sense and manners in their quest for some doll. We all dread the disappointed face of the little girl who wants it and believes Santa will bring it to her, but I still cannot stand to face that mess. At least to face it and hold on to my holiday cheer.

To be honest, I've gotten 90% of my Christmas shopping done, thanks to a trip to Germany and That leaves me to enjoy this upcoming weekend and the weeks to come. Maybe I'll bake cookies. Maybe I'll decorate outside and freeze my fingers off. Maybe I'll sit around and watch the episodes of House and Nip/Tuck I have on my Tivo. Maybe I'll feel inspired to write and will actually have the time to crank out the pages I've been procrastinating about.

This holiday season, whether you venture out into the shopping jungle or not, I wish you all short lines, the perfect parking spot, some chocolately indulgence (and some non-chocolate indulgence for Linda H), and a dash of writing inspiration. May your muse stay in town (and perhaps help you giftwrap if nothing else) and the voices in your head whisper enlightening information to help you through the season.

Smarty Pants


Playground Monitor said...

90% done? I might have to hate you. **gg** I'm not a Black Friday shopper either. No sale is big enough to lure me into that madness. I will have to start getting serious with the shopping soon. Almost all of my gifts have to be mailed out of town if they can't be mail ordered and shipped directly from the company.

And then there's decorating the house, Christmas cards, several Christmas parties... I'd better get busy!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Mine was great with all my children and children-in-law around me.

Problem Child said...

Let's see. Kira seems to think I have all of mine done...I keep telling y'all I'm not that organized. Yet Alex has 90% of hers done. Sheesh.

I'd better get moving since I have to ship all that stuff overseas...


Instigator said...

Well, I survived Wal-mart, a trip to KB Toys in the mall and then a trip to the bridal store to try on my bridesmaids dress. I got up at 6:30 to accomplish all this and am now exhausted.
I did get a huge chunk of my shopping done though. I need to get a few odds and ends here and there and order the last of the girl's stuff from (not even going there!).
Hope you guys are all relaxing and enjoying the long holiday weekend!


Maven Linda Winstead Jones said...

I braved the stores on the day after Thanksgiving for the first time in several years. It was kinda fun. Everyone was pleasant and seemed to be in a good mood. I got some shopping done, and passed up those doorbuster boots for myself. I was home by 8:30. No marathon shopper here. I was gone for a total of an hour and a half, and I didn't go to the main mall. I sang Christmas songs in the car -- along with the radio, not all on my own, which would be scary. Then I came home and began to decorate. After having a crowd here yesterday, I'm not sure why I felt compelled to try to get so much done. I think it was all the extra caffeine.

90% done with shopping? I wish. I am more than halfway done, though, so all is well.

Yes, the holidays have officially begun. I haven't finished decorating, not by a long shot, but my spaceship tree is up!


Playground Monitor said...

I wish I knew where half my Christmas stuff was. Well, I know where it is, just not which corner of the mini-storage unit it's in. We put it all in there when we moved and next weekend we're going to pull it all out, sort through it and see what will work for the new house and what won't. Since we went from a 2-story traditional to a 1-story open floor plan, my whole decorating scheme will change. I'll figure it out though. Heck, I might just put lights on the potted palm in the great room, hang a few balls from it and start a new tradition. **gg**

I did go out today -- to pick up my new car. And it comes with 3 months of free XM Satellite Radio. I had commercial-free Christmas music on the drive back home. Sweet!