Monday, November 14, 2005

A First Time for Everything

Wow. The first ever blog post on our first official day of existence. No pressure right?

Of course, only about ten people in the universe know we’re even out here in cyberspace, so the pressure isn’t too intense. (Hi Mavens! Hi Mom! Hi other Playfriends! Did I miss anyone?)

I can’t believe we made it this far, this fast. Almost exactly one month from conception to publication (Oh, if only I could apply that formula to one of my books…). That timeline alone speaks volumes about the quality of the company I keep. I knew we could do it, but to actually have our website out there for the world to see is quite a rush. I think I’m actually giddy. Lord, here comes that urge to squeal again…

Do you think that one day, when we’re all big-name authors (yes, I have high hopes for us), newbie writers will flock to our site to learn how it’s done and glean pearls of wisdom from our blog posts? A girl can dream, right?

Hey, if Nicole Ritchie can get a novel published –in HARDCOVER, no less—surely we can too.


Anonymous said...

Dream big! And much good luck.


Sabrah Agee said...

Well, Children, you've done an excellent job on your web site -- I've added it to my tool bar so that I can check it often. And I'm thrilled to have my picture there with all of you and the Mavens -- and the glamorous Reno picture, at that! Thank Gawd it wasn't one of my usual sloppy self!
I'll be dropping in often.
Love you all,

Anonymous said...

Hi Marilyn - and playmates :o) Great site Kids. I give you an A+ and a pass from study hall.
Would love to have my website added to your page.
Cindy Gerard

Maven Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm such a proud Maven. This is a fabulous site. Of course, I expect nothing less from The Children.

I'm off to explore a few more pages.

Love you guys much,

Linda Howard, Maven said...

Children, you do your Mavens proud! You've gone on my tool bar, too. This is so beyond cool I can't stop smiling.


Teagan Oliver said...

I'm very impressed with the site! It looks fantastic and a great fresh idea. The pictures are wonderful by the way and this is a great way of branding for name recoginition that supports all of you. You should be applauded. It's hard work and it looks fantastic!

Lyxi said...

Hey there, I just got finished looking at your site and as a newbie writer, I can honestly say that I will definitely be back for more. I particularly found the articles helpful and will use them for future reference. Great job to all of you who put this together.


Maven Beverly Barton said...

Fabulous job! I'm so proud of you Children and honored to be one of your Mavens. I'll definitely be keeping tabs on y'all. Congrats and hugs, BB