Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Today is a good day...

Hmm, whatever shall I blog about today? Gas prices? The book I’m reading? Oh, wait, I know—I’ll blog about MY CALL!!!

I SOLD!!!!!
Happy Snoopy Dance, Everyone!!


(I’m using far too many exclamation points, but I just can’t help it.)

You may remember my earlier posts about revisions, but I can now say that the Beautiful Editor is Bryony Green of Harlequin Mills and Boon (who is now my Most Favorite Person because she saw the promise in this book and challenged me to meet it.). Friday morning, at 10.15 a.m., she called to buy BEST LAID PLANS for the Modern Heat line (thereby solidifying her place as Most. Favorite. Person. Ever.).

(Of course, this is me we are talking about, so there’s a story behind the story: At 8.45 that morning, I was on the phone with Rhonda Nelson, obsessing over my revisions and parsing out the meaning of the work “tweak”—just in case it meant something else in Editor-Land. I’m on my cell phone with her when the house phone rings. I glanced at the number, but didn’t recognize it, so I figured it was a telemarketer. But then the “Telemarketer” left a message. Thinking that odd, I googled the number—still on the phone to Rhonda, mind you. I have no idea what she was saying because the next words out of my mouth aren’t appropriate for the blog. I go storming down the stairs to listen to the message—yep, still on the phone with Rhonda—only to hear that I’d missed a call from Harlequin Mills and Boon. The message said she’d call back in an hour or so, which meant I spent the next 84 minutes staring at the phone, WILLING it to ring with my amazing mental powers. Le sigh.)

The rest of the day is a blur of happy dances, phone calls with much Squeeing going on, and champagne. Congratulatory emails came pouring in (and I’ve saved them all). Flowers arrived. AC made me a pink ribbon to wear to dinner that night (because July is just too far away to wait for the pink “First Sale” ribbon). It was a good day.

And now we get to Par-Tay!! But first, I need to make a small speech (feel free to visit the bar while I do), and send out big thank you’s to the following people:

My Wonderful Playfriends: You ladies are my support, my inspiration, and my compass. I wouldn’t be here without y’all. Your faith and determination bolstered mine when I needed it.

The Marvelous Mavens: For believing in me. (And a special thanks to Beverly for nagging me to finish this book in the first place!)

My fabu CP: For telling me what I needed to hear—even when I didn’t want to hear it. I’m a much stronger writer thanks to you.

Rhonda and Jen: For cheering me up (and on) when things got tough.

Counselor Shelley: For talking me off the ledge more than once.

My Mom: For being my head cheerleader.

My Amazing Child: For understanding “Mommy’s writing” and asking me every night at dinner how many pages I wrote that day (and applauding regardless of the amount).

And, finally, my Darling Geek: Thank you for believing I could do this and all of your support while I did. I’m so lucky to have you in my corner. I love you. (Now get to work on my website!)

~fans eyes~

Crank up the music, cue the nearly-naked dancing men, call Captain Jack, and let’s get this party started. Teeter-totters all around! (And, the lovely Soapbox Queens are also hosting a party at their castle today to celebrate! More men and booze over there!)
Thank you everyone for being here today to celebrate with me!


Captain Jack said...

Well shiver me timbers and yo ho ho! I'll invite my mates over to share in the drinkin' and dancin'.

Well done, milady.

Your obedient servant,

J. Sparrow

Michelle Styles said...

Congratulations and a very warm welcome to the M&B family of authors.

You have many firsts to look forward to. It is such an exciting time, but it will take awhile for the whole thing to feel real...

Minna said...


Cliff Richard - Congratulations:

Kate Hardy said...

Congratulations, Kimberley, and welcome to the MH girls!

Maven Linda said...

There is one perfect way to celebrate an occasion such as this: new shoes, and a teeter-totter (or two). And fireworks! Mustn't forget fireworks!

I've been smiling since you broke the news.

Romance, Rumours and Rogues said...

Huge congrats, Kimberley!!!

Welcome to the Mod Heat gang :)
Enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

I'm teeter-tottering between which detail I love the most -- that AC made you a pink ribbon or that you mistook the editor trying to buy your book for a telemarketer. ROFLMAO!

You know I am thrilled for you!

(And I'm pretty darned excited to see Cap'n Jack here.) :)

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

*Fans Eyes* World Peace.

I love you, PC! I'm so proud and excited I can't see straight. I can't wait to hold that book in my hands!


Trish Wylie said...

It usually takes something exciting or a hot guy to drag me out of the deadline cave. I drop in here and get BOTH ?! Where in heck have you been hiding this place???

WELCOME TO THE MH FAMILY! We're small - but we're beautifully formed ;)

I'm just gonna go sit by Captain Jack now... glass of rum Jack?

Problem Child said...

Oh, wow, all the MH authors are coming out to say Hi. I'm agog!

Let's party people. I'm a happy girl today!!

Rhonda Nelson said...

Congratulations, PC!!! I am SO very thrilled for you!!! (And while I hate that you missed that first call, I have to admit it was quite thrilling to listen to the message while I was on the phone with you. :-)

Linda Winstead Jones said...

Congratulations! I did my own happy dance for you. :-)

It's adorable and so sweet that AC made you a pink ribbon. Now, that's a supportive family.



Robyn Grady said...

Yayayay Kimberly!!! What a fabulous call story. Oh the memories :happy sigh: Welcome aboard. (You too, Capt' Jack)


Playground Monitor said...

Whaddya mean the dancing men are only nearly naked?

I'm thrilled for you. I got to hear the phone message, which was pretty neat. But one of the most wonderful parts was seeing the pride in your husband's and AC's eyes. Guess she'll have to trade in her "My Mom Writes Books" t-shirt for one that says "My Mom's a Published Author" huh?


Angel said...


We're so proud of you, PC!!! Girl, you've worked hard and deserve every minute of this celebration. Enjoy every step of this new journey. We'll be egging you on... er, supporting you, all the way. :)

Now, one of those nearly naked men better serve me a drink. Pass the petit fours!


Barbara Vey said...

When I met you ladies last year, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Congratulations and get that website done so I can send people to it!!

Heidi Rice said...

Hey Kimberley,

Fab to hear you're joining us at Mod Hot, the more the merrier. And yeah, tweaks are just tweaks, cos revisions mean 'rewrite half the book' as I discovered on my last one!

Will you be at the conference in Frisco in July? If so I'll see you there.

Right, I'm just going to go kick Trish off Cap'n Jack's lap - the floozy.

Anonymous said...

There are no words to describe how happy I am for PC and how proud I am of her!

Thanks to everyone who encouraged PC in this journey.

Now, I'll have a double teeter-totter and introduce myself to Captain Jack.

Caridad Pineiro said...

CONGRATULATIONS! What a great call story. It's wonderful that you've sold to M&B. They are a great company and I wish you all the best with the publication of your first book! It's so exciting.

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

Congrats, PC. This is so exciting. Soak it all in. :)

Hello to all the new people here today! Make yourselves at home, have a drink, eat a petit four - but share Jack. There's enough of him to go around. :)

Lynn Raye Harris said...

Congrats, PC!!!! Good things happen to those who work hard! I enjoyed sharing that day with you, going over the possibilities of what Bryony could want, counting down the minutes until it was nearly time for her to call back, and then hearing the good news when you called later to squee. :) It was awesome!

So another SQUEEEEEE and someone pass a teeter-totter!!!!

Problem Child said...

Smarty Pants, we have guests today. You must share Jack with our new friends.

Roxanne St. Claire said...

Woohoo!!!! Congratulations, Kim! I totally love the title - don't mess with that one. It rocks. And I've heard utterly fab things about the Modern Heat line - great stories, great writers. Hugs and squeeeeees and dancing for you. You know, of course, what goes BEST with the pink ribbon? PINK SHOES. Just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, PC. I never had any doubt.

I better get out of here. Captain Jack seems a bit... ripe. And someone said something about a web site.

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

I haven't touched him! He just seemed popular so I wanted to mention how...(ahem)...generous he was before a tussle broke out over in the corner over him. That's all. I'm being good. Really. Today.

mslizalou said...

Congrats Kimberly!!! I think I'll spend the day going between this party and the one over at Soapbox Queens. I'm doing the snoopy dance for you.

Anonymous said...

Chocolate martini in hand, I'm party hopping from the Soapbox Queens to the Playground so I can congratulate Kimberly in two places at once!! Kimberly, your life has changed forever and it'll never change back, and that's a good thing. I can hardly wait to congratulate you in person in SF!

Ally Blake said...

So this is where Captain Jack hangs out? (Fanning self...)

Oh yeah and...

Kimberley!!! Welcome to the MH family. I was just thinking the other day it had been tooo long since we had a new plaything of our own ;).

Enjoy every second of this high, I promise it lasts an age!!!


Anonymous said...

Congtaulations Kim! I am so proud of you! From the first line of your writing I ever read, I never had any doubt this day would come. Hearing the excitement in your voice Friday sent me into a major happy dance (and I was in the car getting some mighty strange looks) that hasn't stopped yet. My 8th graders are wondering why I'm in such a good mood today. Can't tell them that I've been boozin' and schmoozin' with Capt. Jack;-)
Love you---and more giant hugs

CrystalGB said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you. :)

Katherine Bone said...

Lower the disco ball! Hoist the SQUEEEE! Fill your gillet with petit fours! There be a par-tay on this playground. And the Captain is never tardy for a dram of rum. (Hold on, I've jumped ahead of meself.)

CONGRATULATIONS, PC!!! Doing the moon walk for you. This has been a long time coming. You deserve every minute of this spectacular ride!

Jack me timbers are shivering... how about warming them up. We can share a dram and sneak off to a quiet corner away from these teeter-tottering wenches. What do ya' say?

Yo ho, Yo ho, a par-tay for PC!

Problem Child said...

I'm off to celebrate with a new hairdo... Of course, "Mood Hair" when you're in the most giddy of moods may not be the best idea. I might come out looking like Ronald MacDonald!

Party on! I'll be back by later!

Trish Wylie said...

Ok its just no good. Its distracting me too much from the hot guy whose about to get down and dirty in an MS thats due THREE DAYS from now - so time is of the essence...

Does someone want to tell the Irish chick what a teeter-totter is????

Heidi - I shall share. Cos whoever it was said ripe? Not wrong ;)

And Ally - don't SCARE HER - we're s'posed to lure them in FIRST and THEN make them a plaything - sheesh. Now roll up your left trouser leg, balance on one foot and re-take the oath!

Trish - wondering if she can use the latest word verification of spnuh somewhere in the down and dirty scene...

Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

Teeter-Totter = Playground alcoholic beverage of choice developed on our one year anniversary. Part asti spumante, part green apple sparkling cider. Yummy, room spinning goodness!

Anonymous said...


I'm so thrilled for you!

Leslie W.

Anonymous said...


I'm so thrilled for you!

Leslie W.

Maven Beverly Barton said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you and so very proud of you, my beautiful, talanted Diva-in-training. Enjoy every minute of this great experience.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Ooo, I can't wait to see the hair when you get back. Of course, to my children you will always be "The red-headed girl who cut her finger." :-)

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

I love PC's mood hair.

Trish, you are too funny!

Now as much as I like Jack, he seems to be pretty occupied. Anyone seen Raul Bova lurking around here somewhere?

Instigator - off to indulge in prelunch chocolate and another teeter-totter. My boss just left. I have the rest of the day to play ;0D

Donna Alward said...

Congratulations and welcome to the M&B family! Don't listen to those MH girls though PC, they're really harmless. But FUN.

There is nothing quite so special as a first sale, so enjoy every single moment of firsts over the next year. First contract, first cheque, first set of AA's....first look at covers and blurbs and the magic of holding your baby in your hands only to be followed by seeing it on the bookstore shelves.

Congrats again.

Katherine Bone said...

If Instigator brings in Raol, I'm singling out Gerry. Where are you my rippled ab hunk? Are you hiding in the shadows again? Come out, come out wherever you are!

Ack! A spider just crawled up beside! I swear it's not the teeter totters or the rum!!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I wish you the very best!!!

Maureen Child said...

Congratulations!! Very nice to be back on the playground celebrating such happy news!!

May this be the first of MANY!

Renee Andrews said...

I'm SO excited! Can't wait to buy a copy...and copies for all my family and friends! Yea, yea, yea!!!

New shoes and teeter-totters all around!!!


Sherry Werth said...

I am sooo late checking in today but for some reason my day job people want me to work this morning!? But I wasn't about to miss this party. Congratulations Kim!!! I am so happy for you! Enjoy your party and I'm going to Happy Dance on over to the bar!

PS- Start looking for that red dress!

Anonymous said...

Loads of congrats!! Terrific news!!! :)


Unknown said...

Big congrats your way!

Unknown said...

Wow Mills and Boon. That is wonderful news, congratulations.

Jane Porter said...

Congratulations, Kim. Thrilled for you. Getting that first sale call is up there with having your first child! Sending you much love from Seattle.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kimberley! That is great news.

Natalie Anderson said...

Massivo Congrats Kimberley!!!! So super exciting - welcome to MH from another newish-bie. We have a lot of fun in here. Hey, so it doesn't feel real now? I don't think it EVER feels real :)

Problem Child said...

Cool! We throw a party and all the cool kids come! Awesome!

Seriously, I'm really surprised and pleased so many folks have come out to say hello! You really do meet the nicest people in this business.

My hair is marvelous--and very different than it was yesterday. I'll try to post pictures this weekend.

I brought refills for the bar and some petit fours. Carry on with the dancing!

Angel said...

Back from Field Day with Drama Queen. Who says standing out in the sun and sweating is fun? And tomorrow I have to take her to a baseball game field trip. Haven't they ever heard of doing actual work at school?

So, I've been missing the party. Move over, Instigator, I want a turn to sit in Rauol's lap.

Wow! All the Mavens and M&B girls and readers... everybody has dropped in. Are y'all enjoying the teeter-totters? If champagne isn't to your liking, we make a mean buttery nipple around here too.

Hey, PC, Matt made you some golden ribs too. Figured we'd need some real food with all these booze making the rounds.


Trish Wylie said...

Not even asking about the buttery nipple...

Debby Giusti said...

Now I know what the loud scream was that echoed through downtown Atlanta at the exact time you got THE CALL!!! What a story! Glad you eventually answered the phone!!! CONGRATS!!! Debut author!!! First sale ribbon!!! Dancing at the HQ party Friday night in San Fran! How exciting!!!

Unknown said...

I was sent over here by Michelle Styles... CONGRATULATIONS!! I can't wait to read it... this has given me the kick up the backside to do the revisions on my wip which targets Modern Heat :-)

Captain Jack said...

I leave to scrape a few barnacles off the ship and look what happens.

'Tis a nice party. Plenty o' rum. Lots of pretty girls.

J. Sparrow

Cheryl said...

Congratulations! I'm thrilled for you!

Cheryl S.

Katherine Bone said...

Jack! I'm blushing!! Stop it! Your ticklin' me neck...

I just got back from buying fabric to create the Phantom of the Opera set for a Beauty Pageant this weekend. (Y'all knew I'd eventually create one, didn't you?)

Before any more drinks are poured and before Jack's hands explore any more 'pretty ladies', this simply must be said... PC dancing at the HQN party on Friday? ACK! Horrors! No more knee surgery needed please. Y'all are going to have to tie PC down especially since she's got so much to celebrate. :-)

Playground Monitor said...

We'll make sure she has a sequined knee brace for the evening. ;-)


catslady said...

Another big congratulations, Kimberly!!

Problem Child said...

I'm teetering and tottering on my feet. Thanks for a FABULOUS day, everyone!

limecello said...

Woohoo! Congratulations to you, Kimberly! Way to go!

M.V.Freeman said...

Congrats! You deserve this; and its very inspiring!! Yes, I will ply you with many questions and much re-telling. (I LOVE happy stories! and your first sell is one of the best). As you have said..Good mojo begets good mojo!!

You go girl! :)

annie burrows said...

Michelle Styles told us about your sale on the M&B loop so thought I'd drop by and add my congrats to all the others.
Annie Burrows
(writes historicals for M&B)

Lori Borrill said...

MEGA Congrats, Kim! I just saw the notice on another loop and had to come here to SQUEEE.

I'm very happy for you!!


Anonymous said...

This is wonderful. Write on!


Anonymous said...

Congrats, Congrats to you.

Pat L.

Michele L. said...

Woot! Woot! High Five! I am so proud of you Kimberly! Congratulations!

I can just imagine how excited you are and how much dancing and screaming you have done! I know I would be! Woohoo!

Keep on screaming! Squeeee....!!!!!

Michele L.