Friday, April 27, 2007

What Do I Want??

I remembered to write my blog in advance this week. Yay.

I’ve just gotten off the phone with DB where we discussed what he would like for his birthday. Never mind that between now and then, I will move all my stuff into storage, sell a house, move into a furnished apartment, buy a house, move into a house, go to Scotland and Dallas and who knows what else. He likes to plan ahead, though and always knows exactly what he wants. Myself, I’ve got a birthday right around the corner and I have no idea what I want. As I’ve mentioned before, if I don’t tell him what I want, I’ll either get nothing – exactly what I asked for – or I’ll get something he likes.

Unfortunately, I’ve got the events above preying on my brain cells. What do I want? I want all this to be over. I want to be moved into my new house and happy. I want someone to catsit for two months so I can get a decent short term apartment instead of the creepy cheap one that takes pets. Or better yet, for my house to get finished early so I can just move into it and skip the apartment entirely. I want a 5000 calorie slice of carrot cake with raisins and walnuts and inch thick cream cheese filling that takes up a week's worth of WW points and yet still lose 2 lbs. I want the clothes in my closet to fit again. I want to finish this book that I’m struggling with so I can pitch it in Dallas with a clear conscience.

As I always tell my sister when she whines for something she can't have - "'s it feel to want?" (Again, another reason I think I shouldn't have kids.)

As far as DB is concerned, all those are unacceptable answers. He wants me to tell him I want the CD soundtrack of some chick flick he can order on Amazon or better yet, some power tool he can get me at Sears. I’m hesitant to tell him I want X book or DVD or whatever because it’s just something else to pack and put in storage for 2 months. Not that I won’t happily accept a gift that requires packing, I’m just struggling for choices. In the end, I’ll probably ask him for Peter Pan on DVD and dinner out.

Yes, I’m busting at the seams with things I want for the new house, but it’s too soon and everything I want is too expensive for a gift. I want a new couch and entertainment center with a 55 inch Sony Wega 1080i HD rear-projection television. I want new landscaping and paint. I want a fabulous area rug for my new hardwood floors. I want a new bed comforter for our bedroom and the guest room. I want a real computer desk, not a wobbily card table. I want a dining room table that seats more than 4 people. I want 20 yards of concrete poured into a nice patio for the new backyard - stamped and stained while we're at it so it looks like flagstone.

What do I want that’s less than $100? I don’t know. I need new towels for my master bath, but I don’t know what my color scheme is yet. I could use curtains and blinds, but same problem there.

Its just a quandry I go through each year, so I can't really blame it on my chaotic life. It just makes it that much harder. I wish I could switch and celebrate his birthday in May, cause I know what I’m getting him, then celebrate my birthday in July when I’m in the new house and can get all my goodies. Otherwise, I’m just no help.

Someone, tell me – what do I want for my birthday? (Yeah, I know, but I’m not getting an engagement ring. Let’s be a wee bit more practical here...) And while you're at it, tell me what you want. Maybe you'll inspire an idea for me to add to my gift list.



Playground Monitor said...

World peace? snicker


Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

And stricter punishments for parole violators, Stan.

Problem Child said...

Could you celebrate later? Ask for an IOU--you can redeem it for a gift later after everything has settled down and you have time to think about what you want/need.

Angel said...

I want an early present... for my passport to come in the mail before I have to start forwarding the mail to the new house. So I can be guaranteed to go to Scotland for my birthday (we leave the day after).

What do you want??? I'm pretty sure that, like me, you just want the complications to smooth out and everything to happen quickly and painlessly. Do they issue a gift certificate for that? :)

Maven Linda said...

Well, that's easy. A gift card from Bed Bath & Beyond. Or Home Depot. Or Parisian :-) That way your gift is on hold until you decide what you want.

What do I want? Time. Let's face it, we all need to be de-stressed right now.

Linda Winstead Jones said...

I'm a big fan of the gift card. It's not all that romantic, maybe, but you'd get to shop and pick out what you want, once you're in the new house.

I'm trying to get into the feng shui thing, slowly but surely. I finally laid out the bagua, and I have such an oddly shaped house that I have no prosperity corner or relationship corner. If I extend the bagua into the yard, I have a dead bush and a rusty swingset in my prosperity corner, and my car is parked in my relationship corner. Is this why my husband has been traveling so much since we moved into this house? Too weird.

Once I get this first draft finished (this weekend, I hope) I think I need to spend some time in the yard. It can't hurt!


PS -- Not a fan of the blogger. They keep asking me to retype the image, even though I'm typing in what's there. They're messing with me and I don't like it. :-/

Kira Sinclair - AKA Instigator said...

At the moment what I'd really like is about 4 extra hours on the day that I could use solely for writing. Oh and for everyone in the family to be well. Baby Girl woke up with another rash this morning - even on 2 antibiotics.

I agree with the Mavens, a gift card might be a good choice because then you still get a gift on your birthday but you can hold it until you actually know what you need.


Andrea Laurence AKA Smarty Pants said...

It's a pity DB doesn't like to give gift cards. I could just ask him to take me to dinner, then buy me something once we get in the house. Seems the best plan, really. Not fun to wrap, but he's a horrible wrapper anyway.

kim h said...

gifts from starbucks is nice and a new wardorbe

Playground Monitor said...

I like the gift cards, especially when you have a new house to outfit and decorate. Once you decide on a color scheme, you can head to BB&B and get them (using the 20% off coupons that come in the mail regularly). Gift cards from some place like Lowe's would help with the landscaping.

What do I want? I want my brain to settle down and let me finish the two stories I have plotted.

Maven Linda said...

LJ, I've seen your relationship corner. It's king size, and it's in your bedroom :-).

catslady said...

Maybe a day for yourself - GC to a day spa and of course there's always books :)

Katherine Bone said...

I'm all for stricker punishments, Stan, and... world peace.

Bagua? Must learn more about feng shui. Sadly, must also learn to relax and enjoy quiet moments of solitude.

Everyone is giving you great advice, SP. I agree with the gift card. It's a gift that keeps on giving. And when you finally get to pick out what you want, just think how wonderful it'll be to afford to redecorate your new home. You're being practical and that's splendid of you. Go with your gut on this. The hard part's done. You made the world a better place the day you were born.


word verification: buuuhu (go figure)

Lois said...

Well, I'm sure you don't have enough books, so books. ;)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday. Hope you had fun and got good stuff.

Linda H said...

Not sure what you want for your birthday but here are some things I want for mines HeeeHeee.

Giftcards to my favorite stores, Bath & Body Works bath set, New Pots to cook in, Manicure & Pedicure, Vacation LoL.


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