Friday, October 19, 2007

Dragging Across the Finish Line

It’s over.

(Both SP and PC breathe a huge sigh of relief...)

The Playground writing challenge is done. Both PC and I put up a valiant fight. I managed to write 140 pages in 44 days. PC is close behind and will probably finish her book off later this week. Although I technically won, I can’t say there is really a loser. Both of us are finishing books we’d gotten stuck on. Although I had a strong start and was able to keep a lead, PC worked hard to close the gap towards the end, so I don’t think anyone could be disappointed by their performance. Both of us are getting a fabulous mani-pedi. We worked hard, we both deserve a little pampering. Only difference is one of us gets it for free.

I know that only comes out to about 3 pages a day, but I took off most weekends and was out of town on a trip for several days, so that boosted my average up to almost 5 pages a day when I actually wrote. Low for some, but pretty darn good for me. And besides... compared to what I’ve written since I got a big, fat R earlier this year – this is AWESOME. It isn’t as though rejections make me go into self loathing mode where I don’t want to write, it actually mentally robs me of the capacity. I struggle for each sentence, each word. It’s a mess, so I just stop for a while. Even without an R, I typically stall out in the middle of a book – lose direction, lose enthusiasm, lose my mind...but this forced me through it. Now - my book is actually finished. I’m going to set it aside and go back over it in a couple weeks, let some CPs look at it, clean it up, and hope that someone wants to see it in the near future.

I considered entering the Golden Heart this year to really boost my motivation, but at this point, I think I’m just too tired for all that. After my CPs look it over, there may be some major overhauls required and I doubt it will all come back together in time. I don’t want to throw away $50 just so I can say I entered. Besides, I don’t even know what category this book should be – Single title? Paranormal? Romantic elements? My brain is so foggy right now, a decision like that could take me down for the count.

I want to celebrate my victory with a nap, but they frown upon that at work. I’ll have to settle for a bottle of diet raspberry white tea and a low carb granola bar. Yum. Congrats to PC for chasing me to the finish and making me incredibly nervous toward the end. May you celebrate with the carbs I can’t have. :)

What accomplishments have you made lately that you're proud of? Brag on yourself!



Kathy said...

"Slow and steady wins the race." Great job, SP! Enjoy the euphoria of having finished your book. I can't wait to read it!

My greatest accomplishment? Staying sane. :-)

Jen said...

Congrats to both SP and PC!!! Really, that's GREAT!! You've both got finished books and that's a sweet feeling to type THE END, isn't it?

I vacuumed the other day before I took Girl to school and then sat down to work. I'm not being tongue-in-cheek -- I'm working on finishing a book and vacuuming doesn't happen often during that time.

Rhonda Nelson said...

Fabulous for both of you!!!

I've managed to work this week despite the fact I've had a sick child at home for 3 days. Did I get a ton done? No. But I worked. Woot!

Angel said...

I've gotten some new pages on my book this week, despite doctors visits, work, and getting ready for family/Playfriend get together. I may actually have it ready to enter the contest I'm shooting for. *gasp*


Instigator said...

Congrats SP and PC!

Accomplishments? Baby Girl slept through the night last night. Of course this means so did I. WHOOT! :-) At the moment that's all I can ask for.


Problem Child said...

I'll my pages done this week. I'm still on pace to get it in for the GH.

I can't believe SP isn't going to enter hers...

Playground Monitor said...

Great job, both of you! I've written 8 pages this week. I've learned that Starbucks is a good place to write on the Alphasmart. And a free $20 giftcard has kept me in chai lattes. LOL! I'm also trying to plan two trips out of town -- one on the 25th and the other on the 31st. So I'm making two packing lists and trying to take as little as possible. AND I've been getting the DH ready to leave town today. And I haven't killed the cat yet!


Lynn Raye Harris said...

Congrats to you both! Getting to the end, or almost the end, is such an accomplishment. :) In August, you were stuck in one place and avoiding your books. Now look at you! Yay!! (Dang Blogger needs those smileys like we get over at The Soapbox Queens...)

My accomplishment that I'm proudest of is starting this 70 Days of Sweat writing challenge on Monday. I had a goal of 1285 words a day, and I've written 5296 words in the first four days. I'm ahead of my goal by a few words, though I still have today's to do.

Since I've been concentrating on writing, I actually think about the story all the time now. It's been a while since that has happened for me. Last night, I'm at a concert and I'm thinking, "So if they get a phone call from the dead guy, then what?" LOL!

Smarty Pants said...

Well, I've focused my enthusiasm into the first chapter of my next book. Guess I need to plot it, huh?