Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pink, pink, pink

It's Breast Cancer Awareness Month and every where I turn, I see pink, pink and more pink

I see pink ribbons.

The Space and Rocket Center lit the Saturn V rocket bright pink.

We're even being encouraged to light our porches with pink light bulbs.

You can get a ride in a pink taxi and they'll donate $1 from each fare to the hospital foundation.

I saw a pink trash bin on the way to work.  I actually did a double-take, but yep, it's pink.

Every year for the past couple of years I've had someone do a guest blog about their experience with breast cancer as a way to get out the word that (1) it's important to be aware about breast cancer, (2) it can strike anyone and (3) it's survivable.  In 2009, it was my former neighbor Kelley.  In 2008, Problem Child's critique partner, Pam, blogged about her experience.  2010's guest blogger was a high school friend, Deborah,  I'd reconnected with on Facebook.  Last year it was the sister of a friend from church.

I was trying to come up with a guest blogger and then breast cancer struck close to home.  No, I don't have it, though I did have a suspicious mammogram back in June.  A closer look with ultrasound revealed small, fluid-filled cysts that need no further attention.  I actually blogged about an earlier experience like this.

However, last week my mother called with the news my aunt has been diagnosed with breast cancer and will have surgery October 16.  I have a relatively small family -- one parent and one sibling (she has a husband and grown son), two sons with one daughter-in-law and a granddaughter plus one on the way, one uncle (my mother's brother) and aunt (the one with breast cancer) and their children and grandchildren, and various and assorted cousins that I see when I'm able to make the annual family reunion in North Carolina.

I don't want that family to get any smaller.  My aunt's cancer was caught early, and she and her doctors feel very good about her prognosis.  So buy a pink light bulb, donate to cancer research in some way and be sure to do breast self examination each month.  You can even sign up for email reminders here.  Have your mammograms.  Yeah, it's uncomfortable but I imagine surgery, chemo and radiation are a lot worse.  There's no excuse not to do this, ladies.  And gents too!  Men can get breast cancer too.

Let's fight like girls, get our pink on, light the town pink, save the ta-tas and not let cancer steal second base! 

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