Wednesday, October 05, 2011

I finally got there

At 10:06 a.m. this past Monday I finally got there -- the last page of the Internet. It was a long journey that began some time back in the 90's when I discovered the 'net.

I love the Internet. Yeah, it can be a huge time suck, but it's also entertained me, informed me and helped me earn some money.

Now that I've reached the last page, I took time for a little retrospective look down memory lane at some of the sites I've bookmarked as favorites.

Google -- Need I say more?

eBay -- I'm a buyer and seller.

etsy -- A world of wonderful handmade items.

Internet Movie Data Base -- How can one live without this site?

US Newspaper List -- Another great resource site.

Free Rice -- Improve your vocabulary and help others. What could be better?

Facebook -- I plead the 5th. Actually, I've reconnected with childhood friends and a best friend from high school, among others.

Snow Days -- Winter fun.

Snopes -- Great place to debunk urban myths and those annoying emails about getting money from Microsoft for forwarding emails.

All Recipes -- When you're looking for a new recipe.

Max Talent -- Terrific place to find photos to use as visuals for hero and heroine of your book.

Squirt's Place -- My favorite hunk site. NOT SAFE FOR WORK though.

Vista Print -- I just love all the great things you can order for just the cost of shipping.

Grammy Tales -- THE most adorable child in the world.

Go ahead. Click on this link and visit the last page. And then come back and tell me YOUR favorite sites. One randomly selected commenter will get one of my handmade beaded bookmarks.


TashNz said...

Hiiii. I just joined up to Free Rice. Your description intrigued me because I thought I needed to work on my vocab and learn some new words. What a great way to do it. I linked my rice donation to FB in the hope that my friends will have a looksy too. Thanks for sharing :)

Carole said...

I love WebMD. It's a miracle I haven't self-diagnosed myself into a nervous breakdown!

LOL at the last page! And I like Free Rice too.

Have you ever played Words that Follow? They post a picture and you and the others who are playing write captions. Then everyone votes and the one whose caption gets the most votes gets the points for that round. It is really fun and while I suck at it there are some great comedic minds out there.


Vicki Batman said...

Good morning, Marilyn.

Gee, I have tons of sites. I do love ebay and etsy. I like wordcounter. I visit goodreads and amazon.

I'm thinkin' that's a lotta playtime and should get to work!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful little girl! She's got the most amazing brown eyes, sorta looks like Grammy! Love the page!

I don't surf the Web much. I tend to get bogged down and the next minute I look up, it's been hours. I just have to look at the next thing...

Jean Hovey said...

This lists music used in television shows and movies. In most cases, there's a link where you can listen to a sample and buy it on iTumes or Amazon.

Instigator said...

I have a ton of bookmarked sites. I really need to clean it out because most of them I only needed to keep for a little while and don't ever visit anymore. It's sad, but probably one of my most visited sites is the online spam filter for my work email. I'm not sure what that says about me.


pjk said...

If you love getting free stuff, you will love this site!

I enjoyed your list, and Olivia is beautiful!

Playground Monitor said...

Glad I could help with your vocabulary, Tash. And it's nice to feed the hungry too. :-)

Playground Monitor said...

I like WebMD too! And I discovered Words that Follow a couple weeks ago but have only played once. I truly stunk at it.

Playground Monitor said...

Wordcounter. That's a new one to me. I'd check it out but I'm afraid it would be another site I'd add to my "must visit" list. ~grin~

Playground Monitor said...

Tunefind. Must check that out. I'm always saying to myself, "Self, what IS that song they used in XXXX tv show?"

Playground Monitor said...

Free stuff. That's always good! Thanks for the link.

catslady said...

I couldn't get the link to work. I visit a ton of blogs, Facebook, gaming sites, recipe sites, free rice, snopes, you tube, and LOL cats to name a few.

Problem Child said...

I'm rather fond of

Playground Monitor said...

Well shucky darn. Try this. It's *another* last page of the Internet. ~grin~

And PC, I'm kinda fond of that site too.

Angel said...

Oooohhhh. Some cool sites posted today. I must check it out. I think besides blogs, I mostly visit Amazon or B&N,, and I've been going to a lot lately while I build my writing website. It has a great Daily Post page that has wonderful posts and thinks that provoke a lot of thought. Good ideas for blog post generation, also!