Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Addictions of PC

My name is Problem Child and I’m addicted to Nifty.

You know, the kinds of things that when you see them you say, “That’s so nifty!” I promise you, if you hear the word “nifty” come out of my mouth, you can bet real money I’m trying to figure out a way to get said nifty-ness home with me.

A lot of people are attracted to the Nifty – admit it, you have at least one gadget in your kitchen you picked up because you went “How Nifty!” when you saw it. (Tupperware Deviled Egg Carrier anyone?) It doesn’t matter if you never use it; you bought it for its inherent Nifty-ness.

My purse holder is nifty – it hooks over the edge of the table at a restaurant so I don’t have to put my purse on the floor or on the back of my chair.

The cup holder SP got me for my birthday is tres nifty. It was designed for scrapbookers to keep unfortunate spillage or condensation issues from spoiling their hard work. It clamps to the side of the desk.

A ball point pen/highlighter combo that sprouts Post-It flags from its cap? Nifty.

The app for my iPhone that registers all of those customer loyalty cards in one place? Nifty.

The Solutions website is just full of Nifty things…

Like this:

And how have I lived without these:

Not that I do home improvement projects, but hey, nifty!

I’m not sure who really needs this, but ….

This would solve some problems:

Kitchen timers! On a string! So you can hang it around your neck! Nifty.

(Solutions sends me catalogs. You know how teenage boys are about the Victoria’s Secret catalog? That’s me and Solutions.)

Nifty. I’m addicted to it.

Am I alone here with my nifty need? What truly nifty things do you have?


(BTW, if you type “nifty” enough, the word really starts to look strange. Like you made it up or something…)


Jean said...

You are an evil woman for showing us this stuff. I was just going to click a little, really. Before I make an impulse purchase I picture myself using it, cleaning it, and storing it. It didn't work this time. I still need that Jack-O-Lantern spatula and maybe the skeleton apron.

I have a kitchen timer on a string. It is a really good thing, though it can make you jump like a cheerleader whose boyfriend just scored the winning touchdown.

Maven Linda said...

Ahem. I HAVE a kitchen timer on a cord, to hang it around my neck.

I love nifty stuff, but my catchword is "cool." If you ever hear me say, "Oh, how COOL!" then said cool item is going home with me.

That's why I have a two-drawer dishwasher. It was so cool.

I'm a gadget-freak. Bed Bath & Beyond is Nirvana to me. Ditto Brookstone. And, yes, I get Solutions catalog, too.

Playground Monitor said...

You can find cool and nifty things anywhere. The gals in my room at conference this year were in awe of my Miss Oops rescue sponges (they remove deodorant or powder marks from your clothing). I found those at my favorite haunt, Ross. I just went to www.missoops.com and found they have all sorts of other nifty items. Another good site is www.improvementscatalog.com.

The internet has made nifty so much more accessible but there's nothing like wandering through a nifty store in person. I was just in Maven Linda's Nirvana on Sunday looking at dishes and pots & pans.

I need that timer on a string. I've burnt more than one thing because I'll go to "just check my email" and then ten nifty websites later I smell something burning.

PM's Mother said...

My name is Anne...and I am addicted to "neat".

I limit my "neat" to kitchen gadgets and I have a drawer full of them. The "neatest" is a grapefruit knife that separates the sections of a grapefruit. Then there is the gadget that separates the egg yolks from the whites; and the item that...and so on and so on. The really useful "neat" was a gift from my brother and sister-in-law: it is a V-shaped gadget that fastens under ones kitchen cabinet to assist one with opening that stubborn peanut butter jar. For those of us who live alone this is a great help (or we would starve).

I could rave on and on about "neat" but I must go clean out that darn messy gadget drawer which isn't so neat.

Smarty Pants said...

I *love* gadgets. I think I own 80% of the Pampered Chef do-dads. I drool over Brookstone and Sharper Image catalogs. I adore the SkyMall magazines on planes. Must check out this Solutions catalog. Could be a problem, though. :)

My favorite have-to-have item is probably... well, my iPhone, really. It has so many nifty apps I can add to it, so it gets cooler and cooler by the day. I also really like my cake caddy or my casserole bags with the gel to keep food warm.

What I need to buy is the gadget in SkyMall that attaches little alarms to things you lose alot - keys, sunglasses, remote control. You push the button and it beeps until you find it. I lose stuff daily.

M.V.Freeman said...

So there I was happy, and then I saw the s'mores maker...*sigh* how cool is that!? :)

I love gadgets, but cannot seem to commit to buying them. You could call me a "closet gadget freak". I love seeing other peoples gadgets. I have to admit, I actually have one, that I adore and use all the time --the milk frother, now that is nifty!

Instigator said...

I think I'm in the minority. If it doesn't make my life easier/better/more joy filled in some way then I can ignore it. And I have no problems evaluating said object for those things. If it can do that then it isn't a nifty item - which implies it has no value - it is my newest best friend. :-)


Angel said...

I have to agree with MV and Instigator. I find it easy to ignore nifty things. I might oohh and aahh over them, but when it comes to handing out the cold hard cash, I have to look at it and know I will use it... lots. :)

I know, I'm such a party pooper.


Rhonda Nelson said...

If I had a bigger kitchen, then that's where my nifty problem would come in. I heart Williams and Sonoma. The copper cookware? Beautiful *and* functional. Given the choice between designer anything--shoes (I know PC is gasping) or clothes--I'd choose the cookery any day. :-)

Problem Child said...

Okay, so I'm the last person to know timers come on strings. Must get one.

Kitchen gadgets are probably the worst culprits for nifty/cool/neat -ness, but I also have a "dish gene" that makes me want to have lots of pretty dishes. It doesn't matter that I host dinner parties where I'd need dishes. I just want them. (My mom understands. I inherited the gene from her.)

Like Rhonda, I'm confined (saved?) by the size of my kitchen. If I ever get a bigger kitchen, though, watch out.

Sky Mall, BBB, Improvements -- all dangerous. I get excited and flushed just thinking about it.

Sherry Werth said...

I definitely need the timer on the string thingy. Just last week I forgot to turn off the water after watering my flowers and vegetables. The water ran all night long. Hubby was ticked but the neighbor whose yard got watered from the overflow was happy.
Heading over to check out all the 'neat' and 'cool' stuff in the Solutions catalog. : )

catslady said...

I used to go through the catalog and mark all the nifty things but there were so many that I never ordered any of them lol.

LA said...

I think everyone in the family needs the timer on a string (then you can get one for yourself when you order!)That would be the BEST Christmas gift ever!!! Just a thought from your AUNTIE!

Problem Child said...

See the attraction to nifty-ness runs in the family (even if subtlety doesn't).

I'm just waiting for my mom to show up...

~makes a note what to get Auntie LA for Christmas...~

Kathy said...

I'm blinking back astonishment. A timer on a string? Who knew?

I love the word 'radical'. When I see something that flips my mind, I think of it as a radical thing.

There is also 'totally tubular', 'awesome', and another fav 'smokin'. ;)

I'm not into gadgets. My parents have always been. My mom can go into a kitchen store and go nuts. I'm like, whatever. I still use the same gadgets I had when I got married. Why? Because they still work.

Anonymous said...

One of the great joys in life is watching my daughter become the person she use to criticize me for being. She hated my kitchen gadgets and baskets. But now....

Ahh, the dish gene! I love dishes, but I also love pretty glassware whether it is a bowl or vase or ... a glass. And glass must always be clean and shiny. This is where my mother would find "great joy."

The timer on a string would only appeal to me if it has numbered buttons. I hate repeatedly pushing a button to get to the minutes I need.

I'm really dangerous if I go to a hardware or office supply store!

PC's Mom

Playground Monitor said...

Office supplies! Now we're talking! I love sticky notes and pens with different color ink and just today I bought this nifty faux leather tote with metal rods inside to hold Pendaflex folders. And I have fancy folders to go in it too. Nifty. Neat. Cool. Awesome. Radical.

Kathy said...

There's my favorite word, PM!! Totally....